Creative Ideas for Incorporating a Pillar into Your Living Room Decor

Creative Ideas for Incorporating a Pillar into Your Living Room Decor Fireplace Design

Introduction to Creative Decorating Ideas to Hide a Pillar in Living Room

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A pillar can be seen as an imposing feature of a living room. It can take away from the available area and seem visually overwhelming. However, instead of trying to disguise or hide your column, why not adopt a creative approach and enhance it in a unique, interesting way? Creative decorating ideas to hide your pillar could include painting it a single color that blends into the rest of the space, using paint for patterns that bring attention away from the pillar, placing textile wraps around it to soften up its appearance, rolling out flat rugs draped around it or top it off with colorful wall art or paper craft designs on either side of the pillar.

Alternatively you might use shelving units or furniture pieces on each side of the pillar to create a sort of frame which would help draw eyes away from it and perhaps even highlight its positive aspects such as height. Positioning potted plants at either end works in much the same way – drawing attention away from the size and shape of the object itself and instead creating interest through greenery and colour.

Perhaps if you are looking for something more permanent you might consider removing any existing drywall covering on part or all of your pillar by taking out only one brick at a time (it will be heavy). Then re-brick with stone cladding – picking a block that complements but stands out from other wall textures in your living room — or perhaps evoke even more visual interest with an exposed brick look by sanding down some bricks to reveal their original texture before affixing them back against finished drywall.

Ultimately no matter what approach you choose when decorating your living room’s column you should aim to make sure that while seamlessly complementing its surrounding design elements, it still stands out as an asset not an eyesore!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Incorporate Creative Decorating Ideas to Hide a Pillar

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No space should be wasted when it comes to decorating, and this holds especially true with places that include a pillar – the round vertical structure in any room of your home. No matter if you have one or multiple pillars, there are creative ways to incorporate them and hide them while still making use of the extra space they may provide. By taking the following steps, you can learn how to creatively come up with ideas to turn your pillars into aesthetically pleasing areas in no time at all!

Step 1: Determine Your Design and Aesthetic Goals: The first step before deciding on how best to decorate around a pillar is determining what type of design look you would like. Take time deciding on colors, textures and material choices, as well as specific artistic elements that inspire you. This helps in narrowing down when selecting décor for your column-shaped spaces – since having a plan is necessary to finish the project quickly.

Step 2: Establish an Outline Around Your Pillar: Once you have created a design aesthetic that works with your goals, it’s time to establish an outline around your pillar. Start by measuring each side of the pillar so that items wrapped around fit snugly. However, make sure not measure too closely; adequate breathing room ensures enough fabric-relaxation regardless if clothes or furniture adorn the base later on down the line. You can also lay something like painter’s tape or sticks onto each corner of the space forming lines so that it is easy for painters then take note whenever painting commences – whether its an even texture or textured swirls are desired across all four sides alike!

Step 3: Find Creative DĂ©cor That Compliments Your Pillars: Now that there’s an established outline for each side of your pillars start looking for pieces of dĂ©cor which will complement its shape and style . Think about items such as rugs , cushions , lamp shades , mirrors , frames or vases . Whilst airy & light materials image impressionist artistry results from well placed textiles : bright cushion combinations sieves crisp blocking colours upon solid painted could compliment plain adorned lintels plus background wall murals exhibit visible interactions shown through abstract print forms makes developing eye – catching feature now seem more accessible than ever before !

Step 4: Use Creative Ideas To Hide The Pillar:Now’s the time where most of us find ourselves stuck when presented with an unsightly pillar. Don’t worry–we’ve got some solutions! Depending on what kind of project you want to undertake (minor DIY or full scale remodel) there is always something fun and clever way to hide those eyesores from view whilst still providing presence within interior spaces . For instance : combining sharp shelves with overlapping slides held onto centre posts keeps relative parts invisible despite their contributed uses for display properties ; alternatively application stickers presents seemingly uninterrupted surfaces when distributed overall spaces — transforming once awkward sections into unique pathways leading towards new discoveries within interiors visual language !

Key Factors to Consider When Incorporating Creative Decorating Ideas

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When it comes to incorporating creative decorating ideas into a space, there are a few key factors to consider. First of all, you should think about the atmosphere and tone of the space. You want to choose pieces that reflect your desired atmosphere in the space and create the feeling you want guests to experience when they walk in. Secondly, consider how much furniture or décor items you can realistically fit into the room. Depending on size, color scheme and floor plan, certain elements may not quite work in the room and thus require alternative ideas or additional furniture. Next up is your budget – decide how much money you can devote to purchasing new items for the space and stay within it! Last but not least, ensure that each piece has a purpose. Instead of overcrowding—make sure everything serves its unique purpose as this will create a sense of harmony.

These guidelines can help provide guidance when trying to incorporate creative elements into any room’s decor – ultimately creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere with purposeful items that fit within one’s budget!

Top 5 Facts About Creative Decorating Ideas To Hide a Pillar

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Decorating around pillars can be tricky, as they often highlight architectural features that can clash with the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Don’t worry, though; there are plenty of creative and inventive ways to integrate a pillar in practically any style of dĂ©cor! Read on for top five facts about creative decorating ideas to hide a pillar.

1. Decorative Drapery – Installing a decorative curtain or drapery that connects the floor to the ceiling is an excellent way to conceal a pillar without taking away from the overall design aesthetic. Choose curtains that match the color theme of your space, so it blends together seamlessly. Plus, if you have a larger column than expected, using fabric allows you to draw attention away from size and towards colour instead!

2. Paint It Matching Colors – If you’re dealing with an asymmetrical column and don’t want it detracting from the other elements of your dĂ©cor, painting it in coordinating hues will allow for a much more unified look overall. Blend different tones of paint so the pillar becomes part of its environment rather than standing out alone–this works especially well in small spaces where every bit needs count!

3. Incorporate Backsplashes – If you’re remodeling an old kitchen and find yourself stuck with unsightly pillars around your island countertop, cover them up with stylish backsplash tiles! Picking colors matching your cupboards (or even contrasting) hides those eyesores while adding some decoration all at once–it’s a win-win situation!

4 Use Furniture Pieces – For living rooms with large columns obstructing furniture pieces or pathways alike, another great way to conceal these eyesores is simply by incorporating furniture pieces around them! Place end tables or bookshelves strategically nearby: people won’t even realize there’s something behind them until they take closer notice .You can effectively erase their presence from their rooms using this trick.

5 Create Bookcase Walls – One final creative way to camouflage awkward columns and beams is by creating bookcase walls around them using shelves mounted directly into wall studs–the perfect solution for smaller spaces lacking room for additional furniture. Whether you opt for open shelving or hidden cabinets depends entirely on personal tastes and desired outcomes: either one will do just fine in concealing unattractive pillars within minutes!

Decorating around pillars can seem daunting at first but fortunately enough there are plenty of solutions available to us. Using one (or many) of these five ideas will ensure that no unwanted eyesore takes away from the beauty of your home interiors. No matter what kind of dĂ©cor levels you prefer—minimalistic or sophisticated—you’ll surely find something here that works best for designs both subtle or bold alike!

Common FAQs on How To Incorporate Creative Decorating Ideas Into Your Living Room

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Decorating your living room can be an exciting process, but it can also be a bit confusing when you don’t know exactly where to start. There are now so many innovative ways that we can decorate our homes and create a unique atmosphere. With the right creative ideas, you can bring a modern and stylish vibe to the space without breaking the bank in doing so. Here are some of the most common questions when it comes to incorporating creative decorating ideas into your living room:

Q: What types of materials should I use for my decoration?

A: When choosing materials for decoration purposes, there are various options available. Wood is one popular choice as it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space, while metal accents have become all the rage currently for modernising up-to-date interiors. If you want to add texture or even color, consider mixing natural fabrics such as linen or velvet with other decorative elements; mini-greenery and artificial plants are great for adding extra life to any room too!

Q: How much should I spend on decor items?

A: With more and more cost efficient accommodation options now available online, it is easy enough to find pieces which will fit within any home budget. If you want something truly unique then investing in higher-end items could be an option (depending on how much you’re willing to stretch your budget) but don’t forget that many cheaper finds such as secondhand items from thrift stores and flea markets can look just as great once given new life with appropriate accessorising!

Q: How do I incorporate bold colors into my decor?

A: Incorporating bold hues into your living room needs not be daunting – choose furniture pieces which coordinate perfectly in order to reduce any hearing loss effect they might otherwise have had due to increased vibrancy. Feature walls provide another great opportunity – try using one statement wall color against classic white furniture items or neutral furnishings for maximum impact. Bright accessories like lamps or throws also give good oomph without going overboard!

Conclusion of the Benefits of Incorporating Creative Decorating Ideas To Hide a Pillar

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In conclusion, implementing creative decorating ideas to conceal an unsightly pillar is an effective and budget-friendly way to improve the overall look of your interior space. With a bit of time and effort, you can easily implement various design strategies such as strategically placing furniture, adding drapes and curtains, or creating interesting artwork to add a unique touch to the room. Additionally, incorporating creative updates can create more living space, increase your home’s value, help define various areas in open floor plans, bring light into dark spots, and give your home a fresh new look. By utilizing these unique methods, you no longer have to struggle with the eyesore posed by a pesky post column that won’t go away.

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