Designing a Stylish Long Narrow Living Room

Designing a Stylish Long Narrow Living Room Deck Design

Measuring Your Room: Understanding the Long Narrow Space

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When it comes to decorating and designing a room, size matters. One of the most difficult challenges that many new and experienced homeowners alike face is understanding the implications of their room’s measurements. Long narrow spaces can be particularly tricky. In this blog, we’ll provide some useful tips for measuring your room and crafting design plans that make the most of long narrow living areas.

The first step in figuring out how best to utilize a long narrow room is to measure the space accurately. Using a tape measure or laser distance meter, you should record all the measurements of walls, doorways, windows and other permanent fixtures which will effect how you design and arrange the space. Be sure to take into account wall thickness, so you don’t accidentally over or underestimate your available area. Don’t forget to reassess your results after every couple of steps!

Once you have determined your total square footage, it’s time to begin exploring potential furniture layout options for your space. To create an inviting atmosphere in a long narrow room try not to overcrowd it with too much furniture—rather opt for larger pieces that fill up more of the area without excessive clutter around them. Placing oversized furniture directly against the wall can help anchor one end and create balance from corner to corner. You may also find success in anchoring both sides by placing accent pieces toward each end while keeping pathways between free from any obstructions so they still feel open when crossing diagonally through a large piece rather than hugging each wall along longer axis shape rooms as people won’t get hemmed into one spot as often seen in traditional rectangle designs where each end has two walls backing either side inwardly toward each other creating small hallways by default most times due lack of design planning leading viewers eye downward psychologically reducing feeling comfort when entering this type spaces so remember plan ahead think ahead if intending expecting multitasking abilities given filled busy life style demands placed upon us weekly even daily now days!

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Design Tips & Ideas to Maximize Space in a Long Narrow Living Room

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When dealing with a long and narrow living room, it can seem like you have to make sacrifices in regards to style and comfort. With careful planning, however, you can turn this space into an elegant and warm room that is enjoyable for all. Here are some design tips and ideas to help maximize the space in your long narrow living room:

1. Make Use of Natural Light – When working with a long, narrow room it’s important to make use of the natural light available. If possible, install large windows or French doors that allow for plenty of airy light to pour in from outside. This will help brighten up the space and give an illusion of openness no matter how tight it might feel.

2. Utilize Multipurpose Furniture – When trying to fill up a long narrow living room it may be tempting to just fill every inch with furniture, but this will actually make the room even smaller! Instead look at multipurpose pieces that can serve multiple purposes such as ottomans with storage inside or modular couches consisting of several seats put together which could be arranged in various configurations depending on need.

3. Create Different Zones – Getting creative with your layout is key when dealing with a small space such as this one; creating different zones helps define each area’s purpose rather than just having one single big open space that feels overwhelming and disorganized. Dividing the living area from the dining area (if applicable) gives more clarity and organization so visitors know where things are supposed go and keeps larger items from cluttering up small areas instead.

4 Invest in Mirrors – Nothing makes a small room feel bigger than strategically placed mirrors reflecting natural light back around the space; plus they add an air of sophistication too! Try putting them above fireplace mantels or behind lamps for best effect — if there’s wall paper in your livingroom placing them overtop will also help

Step by Step Guide for Creating an Appealing Layout for a Long and Narrow Living Room

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Creating a visually appealing layout in a long and narrow living room can be a daunting task. Here are some helpful tips to create a successful space that meets both style and functionality requirements.

Step One: Define the Room’s Focal Point

Start by determining the main focus of your living room, such as the fireplace or TV. This will be the visual centerpiece for your design layout. Place seating around this focal point to make it easier for guests to face each other when conversing and see what is on it.

Step Two: Scheme Your Colors

Coordinate all textiles, artwork, window treatment, wallpaper and furniture with colors that complement each other throughout the entire living room to give it consistency. You can opt for two shades of any colour combination, or don’t forget to incorporate accent pieces such as throw pillows and an area rug complete with any bolder hues you may want to bring into the space.

Step Three: Create Dressers, Shelves & Cabinets

Since there is limited wall space in a long and narrow living room, work with having fewer permanent fixtures which will free up floorspace. Choose tall dressers instead of bookshelves or cabinets that won’t take up too much valuable real estate while still providing ample storage solutions. Additionally replace coffee tables with ottomans equipped with storage trays underneath; they turn out more versatile this way!

Step Four: Multi-Purpose Furniture is Ideal

In selecting items like sofas beddings and carpets focus on dual or multi-purposed pieces that provide necessary floor functions but also won’t make for excessive crowding either. In other words go for furnishings which offer comfortable lounge seating without wasting upample floor space including chaise lounges sectional corner sofas Pullouts etc.. This way there’s enough breathing room even in your small long living area !

FAQs About Maximizing Space in a Long Narrow Living Room

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Q: What are some tips for making a long narrow living room appear more spacious?

A: To make a long narrow living room appear more spacious, start by lightening the color palette and adding mirrors to reflect natural light. Hang some curtains higher up near the ceiling to draw the eye upward and create a feeling of greater height. Incorporate built-in storage like bookshelves or benches along one side of the room to maximize space without blocking walkways. If possible, arrange furniture in clusters to help maintain an open flow throughout the space and avoid any blockages that could limit square footage. Other tactics include grouping accessories and decor near walls to break up large spaces while also creating cozier conversation spots, as well as utilizing wall-mounted lamps rather than floor lamps and opting for lower profile furniture pieces.

5 Facts You Must Know When Dealing with a Long Narrow Living Room

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1. Create Focal Points: When creating a design scheme for a long, narrow living room, it is important to establish focal points that draw the eye and bring decor balance to the space. Strategically placed furniture pieces such as a conversation area, media console or even an accent wall filled with artwork can help create visual interest and more explicitly divide the space. Arranging seating around one end of the room can create an instant entryway to focus the eyes down the length of the living room.

2. Ditch Large Furniture Pieces: The smaller and lower your furnishings are in this kind of space, the better! Bulky armchairs or other large furniture pieces will make your living room feel cramped and crowded instead of feeling airy and spacious. To keep your decor airy without going too minimalist you can try adding lightweight furnishings such as wicker chairs or small scale tables with slim legs, this will ensure your pieces avoid taking up too much visual real estate in your room.

3. Get Creative With Your Storage: Since these type of rooms are usually short on storage solutions so it’s time to get creative! Wall-mounted shelves provide additional display options while still maintaining openness in a small space These shelves don’t have to be overly decorative; consider utilising them for bookshelves, TV components… anything that needs to stay off the floor but doesn’t need its own designated piece of furniture!

4. Include Multifunctional Pieces: Think outside of traditional designs when selecting your furniture pieces as multi-functional pieces allows you to save on cost while maximising square footage in any sized living room If you go with built-ins such as shelving units or benches you not only gain functional storage but also add unique detailing that helps break up sight lines when viewed from different angles within the space Secondly sectional sofas offer both comfort and visual breadth by providing seating without taking away from walking areas throughout Get creative

Choosing Colors, Furniture & Accessories for a Long Narrow Living Room

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Long, narrow living rooms can be a challenge to style and decorate. While you don’t want the entire room looking long and narrow, you don’t want to overload it with too many bulky pieces of furniture and accessories either. So, how do you know if your choices are stylish but also appropriate for the size and shape of the room? We have provided some tips here on choosing colors, furniture, and accessories for this unique type of living space.

When it comes to color scheme choices, keep in mind that muted colors such as greys or tans are perfect for creating a calming atmosphere. However, if you’re trying to create depth or highlight certain features of the walls or windows in your long narrow living room, opt for more high-contrast colors like bold blues or greens. Additionally, painting each wall a different shade of a particular color can help to break up large areas while creating visual interest too.

Furniture selection is equally important when decorating long narrow living rooms since getting this wrong may make the room appear cluttered or unevenly spaced. The key is to choose large statement pieces that fit comfortably within the proportions of the space without encroaching into walkways or traffic movement areas. Further customization is possible by selecting pieces with adjustable heights as well as movable arms/backrests that allow you to miniaturize them when required – resulting in more space whenever needed. Lighting fixtures will also matter significantly — ceiling-mounted fixtures disperse light evenly across all corners while allowing more flexibility than chandeliers that hang down from the center point of a room; doing so will draw attention away from an overly elongated interior view!

In addition to colors and furniture choices, having just enough decorative touches in your long narrow living room can also help define its appearance without overburdening it further. Wall art can come in particularly helpful — taller pictures on one side (vertical orientation) will help take focus

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